• Company Chameleon outdoor work

    Company Chameleon on tour

    Work for outdoor settings and theatres.

    Latest outdoor works and a new double bill Witness.

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  • Hiccup


    Production from Hiccup Project

    Genre-splatting, refreshing, inventive...Theatre and dance that hurls custard pies at convention. Outstanding. Fringe Review

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  • Tour booking

    Discover your inner tour booker

    Training and advice on booking dance tours available

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  • Didy Veldman

    The Happiness Project

    New production by Didy Veldman

    Funding secured by internationally renowned choreographer for first tour of The Happiness Project.

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  • Darren Pritchard

    Body of Light

    New work from Darren Pritchard

    Multiple presentation contexts.

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  • Nora

    Nora Invites

    Company on tour this season

    “intellectually curious, funny and rude, possessed of chameleon stage talents and a taste for risk”. Judith Mackrell, Guardian

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  • Corey Baker

    Corey Baker Dance

    Mid-scale tour of Kapa Haka Tale 2017

    Phone Box and Headphones booking outdoor festivals in 2016

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  • Wendy Houstoun

    Wendy Houstoun

    Pact With Pointlessness

    a kind of punk-Beckett Total Theatre

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