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Project Description

Manchester-based producing and touring dance company Company Chameleon presents over fifty indoor and outdoor performances a year.  It was founded by Anthony Missen and Kevin Edward Turner, and draws on their individual experiences to present human and personal issues in performance.

On the road in 2021 are:

The Shadow (2019) is Company Chameleon’s new theatre piece received its premiere in November 2019.  Choreographed by Anthony Missen and with a cast of twelve, The Shadow delves into one of the great philosophical themes of our time, the activation of unconscious desires.

Amaranthine (2010-2018) is Company Chameleon‘s first male-female duet.  Choreographed by Kevin Turner and Navala Chaudhari, Amaranthine explores the timeless cycle of conflict and resolution between a woman and a man.

Witness This (2017) is an outdoor work by Kevin Turner, which draws on his experience of bi-polar illness.

Of Man And Beast (2015) is Chameleon’s five man show for outdoor settings.  Supremely physical, with choreography by Anthony Missen, Of Man And Beast is an exploration of camaraderie and threat.

Push (2012) is an outdoor duet which explores the push and pull around power and control between two men.

Packs to download:
Indoor productions: The Shadow
Outdoor productions: Amaranthine Witness This Of Man and Beast Push

Indoor productions:  The Shadow 10 Beauty Of The Beast  Witness Words Unspoken 
Outdoor productions: Amaranthine Witness This  Push  Hands Down  Of Man And Beast