Company Chameleon premieres Witness This at Brighton Festival next month. Commissioned by Without Walls, Ageas Salisbury International Arts Festival and Brighton Festival and drawing on the personal experience of choreographer and co-Artistic Director Kevin Edward Turner, Witness This explores mental illness from the perspectives of both sufferer and onlooker.

Witness This joins the company’s repertoire of original dance works specially made for outdoor settings. Each one features the company’s distinctive movement style inspired by urban and contemporary dance forms.

6 & 7 May           Ansan Street Arts Festival, South Korea (Push and Hands Down)
13 & 14 May       Brighton Festival (Witness This)
28 & 29 May      Ageas Salisbury International Festival (Witness This)
2 July                   Pavilion Dance South West Summer Fest (Of Man And Beast)
9 July                   Dance Days, Swansea
(Of Man And Beast)
5 & 6 August      Stockton International Riverside Festival
(Witness This)
27 & 28 August  bOing! Canterbury (Of Man And Beast)
30 August           Peterborough Festival (Of Man And Beast) More dates to be confirmed.

Packs to download: Push   Hands Down  Of Man and Beast  Witness This

Videos:   Push  Hands Down  Of Man And Beast