Following on from his worldwide success Bodies in Urban Spaces, Willi Dorner’s latest performance event „fitting“ is coming to the UK in 2015.

May 8th, 2 pm, Norfolk & Norwich Festival
May 9th & 10th, 6 pm, Norfolk & Norwich Festival
May 24th & 25th Greenwich Dance
August 29th & 30th bOing! Canterbury
September 24th & 25th, Aberdeen

Exploring further Dorner’s ideas around transformation of the urban environment through human interaction, „fitting“ takes as it’s starting point a simple plank of wood which is manipulated around the four performers to provide a unique location for them in pre-designated outdoor public spaces – a wall, staircase, building or amongst street furniture.

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A dozen or more such body/plank manipulations form a 15 minute trail through the streets which audiences follow, leading them towards a 30 minute performance installation (indoor or outdoors) during which the four performers “build” a house, inspired by the Japanese term tatami (derived from tatamu, meaning to fold or pile), using 12 panels of spruce and 4 chairs.