Under the direction of performer/designer Eleni Edipidi (above left), Levantes Dance Theatre creates performances for outdoor and indoor spaces which are inclusive and visually strong.

STDMA is pleased to announce representation of Levantes’ current touring projects:

THE BAND: a full-length theatre production which uses aerial acrobatics, dance and vibrant aesthetics to explore the intense on- and off-stage relationship between two has-been performers.

A twenty-minute adaptation of THE BAND suitable for both daytime and night-time presentation is touring outdoor festivals.

Also available: a walkabout edition of Levantes’ popular Canapé Art series, a fun, fantastical and edible way for audiences to mingle with artists at indoor and outdoor events.

For more information, please contact sarah@stdma.com or go to Levantes web page to download promoters’ packs and see video clips.