Levantes Dance Theatre’s Eleni Edipidi has used the limited resources available to her at home during the lockdown to create a series of fabulous new headpieces.

Legendary for the sumptuous costumes and headgear which adorn her Canapé Arts’ characters, Eleni has dug out forgotten pieces of fabric, ribbon, wool and old wigs from her workbox to create a glamourous new character.  We very much hope to see her performing with Levantes soon!

Under the direction of performer/designer Eleni Edipidi, Levantes Dance Theatre creates theatrical work which is inclusive and visually strong.  Touring projects include THE BAND with theatre and outdoor versions which use aerial acrobatics, dance and vibrant aesthetics to explore the intense on and off-stage relationship between two has-been performers.  Canapé Arts cabarets and walkabouts are fun and fantastical ways for audiences to mingle with artists at indoor and outdoor events.  Catch up with us in 2021. www.stdma.com