World-class performance and acute observation come together in three outdoor works by Company Chameleon this summer, each one taking how men interact as its starting point.

Outdoor collage

Of Man And Beast (2015) is Chameleon’s five man show with bite, an exploration of camaraderie and threat, and supremely physical. Video trailer.

21 May              Bell Square, Hounslow (London)
25 & 26 June   Yorkshire Festival (Grassington and Holmfirth)
27 & 28 Aug     Big Feast, Stoke on Trent
24 September  Derby Festé

Hands Down (2014) uses acrobatic and physical action to chart the hierarchy and boundaries of masculinity. Video trailer

17 June             Festival TANZ|Moderne|TANZ 2016, Chemnitz (Germany)
10 July             Pavilion Dance South West Summer Season, Bournemouth
16 & 17 July    MiramirO, Gent (Belgium)

Push (2012) explores the push and pull around power and control. Video trailer.

16 July              Dancin’ Oxford
3 & 4 Sept        Freedom Festival, Hull
25 September Lancashire Encounter, Preston

More bookings to be confirmed.

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