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Project Description

#JeSuis isn’t just a stunning piece of contemporary dance …. it’s a galling political movement   Edinburgh49 *****

With a growing international reputation for solo performance, Aakash Odedra creates original dance work using a distinctive movement style inspired by South Asian classical dance, contemporary dance and collaboration.

Odedra’s next production sees him stepping outside his performance role to create a stunning and theatrical full-length dance production for an international cast of eight dancers. Named in response to the solidarity movement which followed horrific murders at the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris, #JeSuis is an edgy and thought-provoking choreographic work. With dancers from Turkey, Aakash Odedra explores the strangulation of freedom of speech, the rise of xenophobic attitudes and the displacement of people through conflict. As atrocities in European cities trend, #JeSuis gives voice to stories in other lands that our media readily forget. Each dancer tells us about the struggle to be who we are in places where we are told to be someone else.

Odedra’s solo work, Rising and his double bill Echoes/I Imagine, both continue to tour.  Rising is a four part programme of work by Akram Khan, Sidi Larbi, Russell Maliphant and Odedra himself which has won international profile.  Echoes is a high-octane Kathak dance experience created for Odedra to perform by Kathak icon, Aditi Mangaldas. In contrast, I Imagine is a more immediate and political work; fierce and funny, melancholic and moving, it uses a few simple props to explore the immigrant experience.6/7 Octob

Tour dates:

6-7 October          OzAsia Festival Adelaide Rising
10-12 October     
 Journeys Festival at Contact Theatre Manchester #JeSuis – In Progress
21 October           
 Journeys Festival at New Theatre Royal Portsmouth #JeSuis – In Progress
16-18 November 
 Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre China Rising
30 November      
 Taliesin Arts Centre Swansea Rising
2 December         
 Aberystwyth Arts Centre Rising
14 December        
Udine Italy Rising
16 December  
      Lugano Switzerland Rising
7-9 February 
       The Arts Centre, NYUAD Abu Dhabi #JeSuis World Premiere

Promoters packs to download: #JeSuis  Rising  Echoes I Imagine

Video Trailers: #JeSuis  Echoes/Imagine