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Project Description

Austrian choreographer Willi Dorner creates interdisciplinary projects which give audiences new experiences, insights and different perceptions of everyday life.  He is equally at home in theatre settings and with outdoor installation, frequently working across art forms and sometimes collaborating with individuals working in non-arts-fields entirely.

Following on from Dorner’s worldwide sensation, bodies in urban spaces„fitting“ (pictured above) explores further his ideas around transformation of the urban environment through human interaction, „fitting“ takes as it’s starting point a simple plank of wood which is manipulated around the four performers to provide a unique location for them in pre-designated outdoor public spaces – a wall, staircase, building or amongst street furniture.  Five or more such body/plank manipulations form a 20 minute trail through the streets which audiences follow, leading them towards a 30 minute performance installation (indoor or outdoors) during which the four performers demonstrate the principle of creating space by “building” a house, inspired by the Japanese term tatami (derived from tatamu, meaning to fold or pile), using 12 panels of spruce and 4 chairs.

„living room“ (see below) is a participatory project involving human sculpture and photography in which  individual private apartments become exhibition spaces, meeting points and forums for exchange, providing a profound insight into the living conditions and history of a residential area. „living room“ dates from 2013, when it was first created in Vitry-sur-Seine near Paris. Adapted since then for various locations in Europe, its aim is to extend the definition of „living room“ to mean “lively space”– one which enlivens, uses and captures space.  Willi Dorner is currently creating a version of „living room“ for Stratford in East London.  Stratford Living exhibition runs 26 & 27 August.  Watch the   Read Guardian profile.