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Project Description

Austrian choreographer Willi Dorner creates interdisciplinary projects which give audiences new experiences, insights and different perceptions of everyday life.  He is equally at home in theatre settings and with outdoor installation, frequently working across art forms and sometimes collaborating with individuals working in non-arts-fields entirely.

Willi Dorner’s bodies in urban spaces has become a world-wide phenomenon, generating iconic images of human street sculptures in city centre locations across the globe for over ten years.  STDMA is pleased to announce exclusive representation of this iconic work of art in the UK from 2018.  A moving trail, choreographed for a group of local dancers, bodies lead the audience through selected parts of an urban environment. The human street sculptures set up and break down very quickly allowing the viewer to perceive the public space or place in a new way.

living room is a participatory project involving human sculpture and photography in which individual private apartments become exhibition spaces.  Originally conceived for professional dancers to form the sculptures, living room has recently been reconceived so that the residents themselves are photographed in situ.  Read Guardian profile.

The duet one marks Dorner’s return to theatrical setting for the first time in eight years. The starting point is the methodologically ascetic, so-called one-word and concrete poetry of visual artist and poet Heinz Gappmayer. Through Gappmayer’s poetry, Dorner creates a hybrid genre, in which signs, letters, numbers, objects, bodies, graphic shapes, lines and dots enter into intricate duets in the choreographic landscape. On the one hand there is a kind of duel between the performers in which concrete material qualities, shapes and their semantic substitutes establish various relations. Then there is the video element, relayed via webcam, which duels with the performers.  The result for the viewer is fascinating.