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Project Description

Best known in the UK for her productions for Rambert, HeadSpace and Northern Ballet, international dance artist Didy Veldman launched her own company Umanoove in 2016.

“You don’t it to end, you want to hold on to it, put it in a box labelled “mine – hands off!”  Mary Brennan, Glasgow Herald *****

“The Happiness Project is terrifically enjoyable and, marking the long-awaited launch of Veldman’s own company, it promises even better things to come.” Judith Mackrell, The Guardian ****

Didy Veldman’s next production will be The Knot to a soundscore combing contemporary folk/rock with Stravinksy’s original music for the ballet Les Noces.   The Knot examines the social and personal significance of marriage in contemporary Western society. The production will create the feel of a big wedding party in which the performers are the bride, groom, best man and bridesmaids, and the audience are the guests, using an immersive theatre aesthetic to explore the authenticity of the vows versus the crass humour of the speeches and the status of the photographic record.  The Knot premieres at DanceEast on 9 February and tours briefly before the full blown tour in autumn 2018.

Upcoming tour dates

9 February   Jerwood DanceHouse, DanceEast, Ipswich
14 February G Live, Guildford

Promoters packs to download: The Happiness Project  The Knot

Trailers: The Happiness Project   The Knot