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Project Description

With huge choreographic experience (she was House Choreographer for National Dance Company of Wales 2011-2013), Eleesha Drennan formed her own company Eleesha Drennan Dance in 2014 when she was awarded a prestigious Sky Academy Arts scholarship. Her work is classically lyrical and dramatically communicative, demanding of her first-rate dancers a sense of exploration which is fresh and engaging.

The theme of Eleesha’s full length evening All the time in the World is the temporal expectation life holds for people and the existential threat attached to that. All the time in the World can be presented as a two- or three-part programme.  At 45 minutes, Infinite Glimpse is the central piece; a brand new work in which four dancers use representations of time, relationships and memory to highlight the fragile nature of existence. Infinite Glimpse is available to be presented alongside one or both of Eleesha’s recent works.  Whiskers (9 minutes) won Drennan first prize at the International Solo Dance Theatre Festival Stuttgart in 2012.  Not a Birthday Party (19 minutes) takes a playful look at how relationships change through time; it was originally created for the thirteen dancers of Bridport’s elder company Grace & Growl and can be re-created for a local group of elders if desired.

Promoters pack for All The Time In The World

Video trailers:   Infinite Glimpse trailer   Whiskers edit   Not a Birthday Party trailer

Photo by Nicole Guarino