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Project Description

Under the artistic direction of founders and performers Beth Powlesland and Eithne Kane, Manchester-based performance company Kapow works with environmental themes, using dance, physical theatre and circus to engross audiences in movement-driven stories in outdoor settings.

Touring in 2021 are:

Mayfly: Kapow’s most ambitious piece to date, with a custom-engineered set incorporating 5 fountains, programmed to shoot water into the air in sync with the two dancers’ choreography. The piece explores a poetic narrative expressing the transformative strength of women and inspired by the brief life of the Mayfly.
Adrift: A female duet performance on a giant wobble board conjures a raft in the middle of the ocean.  The two women battle the odds in their stormy environment, eventually learning to live in their small, unpredictable landscape.
Grow: An energetic and uplifting family-friendly duet which is an entertaining take on gardening and a touching commentary on the future of humanity.

Video trailers: Adrift   Grow

Promoters packs:  Mayfly   Adrift   Grow

Risk assessments:  Adrift   Grow

Photo: Mayfly (premieres in 2021) © Joe Armitage