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Project Description

Under the artistic direction of founders and performers Beth Powlesland and Eithne Kane, Manchester-based performance company Kapow works with environmental themes, using dance, physical theatre and circus to engross audiences in movement-driven stories in outdoor settings.

Touring in 2020 are:

Adrift: A female duet performance on a giant wobble board conjures a raft in the midst of the ocean.  As the two women battle the odds in their stormy environment, eventually learning to live in this small, unpredictable landscape.
Climb the City (pictured above): Kapow’s thrilling exhibition of physicality makes use of dance, circus, parkour and climbing to explore the urban environment in a bespoke promenade performance.
Grow: An energetic and uplifting family-friendly duet which is an entertaining take on gardening and a touching commentary on the future of humanity.

Promoters pack:   Adrift   Climb the City   Grow

Video trailers: Adrift  Climb the City   Grow

Photo: Mayfly (in development) © Joe Armitage