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Project Description

Complicité Associate Shane Shambhu is booking his comedy, storytelling and dance show in autumn 2019 and spring 2020.

Confessions of a Temple Dancer is a funny and candid one-man show which uses a unique combination of bharatanatyam and stand-up comedy to present a personal journey from unlikely Indian dance student growing up in London’s East End to  international performer. With finely honed comic timing and sublime dance demonstrations, Shambhu switches characters, accents and languages in a heartbeat, telling a story of cultural clash and fusion and de-mystifying the world of classical Indian dance.

Shane Shambhu was born and raised in East Ham among a large extended family from southern India. Named after the hero of a ‘50s Western by his cowboy-loving uncle, his life changed when he was eleven years old and his mother sent to a Master to learn bharatanatyam, a temple dance from her homeland, because he was a “really, really, really … fat kid”. After that, when his friends were playing football, Shane was secretly practising his bharatanatyam movements in a corner of the school yard.

Shane went on to train in bharatanatyam professionally and danced for several years with Shobana Jeyasingh before deciding to explore other creative avenues, joining Complicité for a spell and working as a collaborator and performer with different companies and artists in theatre and film, and also as a part time comedian.

17 May           Surf The Wave UK Dance Showcase Bournemouth

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