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Project Description

“A visionary piece that brings the world on to one stage”  London Jewish Chronicle

Sivan Rubinstein is an Israeli-born choreographer based in London.  In collaboration with academic Sarah Fine and cartographer Yehuda Rubinstein, she has created Maps, a performance presented in the round where three dancers create a map of the world on the dance floor using salt, then blur and re-arrange its borders with the movement of their bodies.  The aim is to assert the true-to-life and very topical ebb and flow of people, places and politics so that the dance becomes an expression of a world without borders.

In Active Maps, Sivan leads her original audience research for Maps as an audience participation project.  Available to programme alongside Maps, as a stand-alone performance project or as a movement workshop, people of all ages and abilities explore their own migration routes using a giant map in tape on the floor and start to challenge the way they see the world.

Promoters packs to download: Maps Active Maps

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