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Project Description

Brighton-based award-winning dance comedy duo The Hiccup Project is Chess Dillon-Reams and Cristina MacKerron, schoolfriends who trained together, lived together and now dance together.

In their first production May-We-Go-Round? Chess and Cristina take audiences on a bitter-sweet journey on the merry-go-round of romance. Honest, provocative and laugh-out-loud funny, it celebrates love and lust in all their messy and confusing forms. Ultimately, it’s a show about friendship, the bond between these two women generating an enthralling, endearing portrait of girlpower.

The Hiccups’ new production It’s Okay I’m Dealing With It is a tongue and cheek guide to how to be “okay” in which Chess and Cristina use fiercely energetic dance and comedic theatre to lift the lid on our quick-fix culture, asking the question, “if perfection is so attainable, why are we still struggling?” 

May-We-Go-Round is one for everywoman. Full of tears and laughter.” Total Theatre

“It is rare to see dancers who are also such brilliant actors – woebegone, giggling or full-on.”  The Skinny

So euphoric and so infectious…. It’s like Smack the Pony meets Jasmin Vardimon.”  Fest Mag

“The lost art of bedroom choreography is flung out of the wardrobe…. they perform with their whole bodies and we drink them in entirely. There’s a real guts and guns approach to the quality of movement — a throw-your-body-on-the-line-and-leave-nothing-behind”  Writing About Dance

15–16 November        The Wardrobe Theatre Bristol It’s Okay
17 November               Bath Spa Live Bath Spa University It’s Okay
18–19 November        Camden People’s Theatre London It’s Okay
25 November             
 Attenborough Arts Centre, Brighton It’s Okay


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