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Project Description

The Hiccup Project is Cristina Mackerron and Chess Dillon-Reams, a Brighton-based comedy dance/theatre duo with a humorous and gritty take on real-life experience. They create engaging, innovative and accessible work that can be enjoyed by audiences with any amount of prior experience of theatre and dance.

Their brand new show Lovely Girls follows Cristina and Chess’ poignant, hilarious and truthful journey as they explore what it means to be a young woman today.  This is territory with a confusing pot of contradictions, clichés and expectations: be sexy, but don’t be a slut; strive for a career, but make time for everyone else; be curvy, but not fat; be assertive, but not bossy.  Chess and Cristina dig deep and ask what more can we hope for a woman to be, when we still value women by their beauty and ‘loveliness’?

Hereford Times:Sharp, thought-provoking, laugh-out loud funny and breathtakingly energetic”

Writing about dance: “An utter delight… reflects the reality and expectations of women in the 21st Century… full of comedy and charm.”

Audience feedback: a joyful celebration of a way forward into an enlightened future.. funny, clever, empowering and poetic… sharing facets of what it is to be a woman, and what it is to be human’
“Speaking to all generations, bring your daughters and your sons”
“the most joyous life-affirming, hilarious portrayal of womanhood I’ve ever seen”

Upcoming tour dates for Lovely Girls:

23 July         Camden People’s Theatre London
2-17 Aug      Zoo Southside Edinburgh (no performances 5 & 12 August)

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