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Project Description

Victoria Fox Markiewicz’s career as a dancer has taken her from rural Gloucestershire to Brighton via Silesian Dance Theatre, Jasmin Vardimon and CandoCo. Now, as a dance maker with a company of her own, these positive creative influences are discernible in her aesthetic and intention. TRIBE// has a punchy movement style, an equality agenda, and provides a visceral dance experience which matches Fox Markiewicz’ bold choreographic voice to a fearless physicality.

TRIBE //’s debut work is a full-length piece, Still I Rise.  A call to arms, rebellious and uplifting, it is performed by an all-female ensemble of five dancers, each with their own unique physicality and presence. Still I Rise is inspired by Maya Angelou’s poem of the same name. It channels the resilient, unapologetic quality of Angelou’s words into unflinching, relentless, movement underpinned by defiance and hope.  Still I Rise is the stepping off point for a twenty-minute outdoor version for four dancers called simply Rise!  which has been co-commissioned by Bell Square (Watermans Arts Centre) and Hat Fair (Play to the Crowd, Winchester), and is supported by Surf the Wave Legacy Fund.

Currently in development with a tour scheduled for autumn 2021, No Sudden Moves is dark and dystopian in atmosphere.   Reacting to our turbulent times, No Sudden Moves zeros in on our need to rebuild and reconnect amidst chaos. Fox’s diverse cast of five dancers combine powerful, emotive full-bodied movement with tenderness, held aloft by a rich electronic cinematic soundscape as they are drawn together to restore and regenerate.

Download promoters packs: Rise! No Sudden Moves