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Project Description

Under choreographer/director Charlotte Vincent, Vincent Dance Theatre has a reputation for inventive political productions which quite literally delve into the fabric of British society through a socially-engaged research process. Virgin Territory (2016), made in collaboration with four teenagers, examined the impact of our over-sexualised culture on girls, earning two National Dance Award nominations. Vincent’s Shut Down (2017), with an all-male cast, including three teenagers, was critically acclaimed for its witty, thought-provoking take on what it means to be a man today.

With her latest production In Loco Parentis, Charlotte Vincent is shifting her gaze from gender issues towards themes of home, family and belonging, specifically the stories of children within the care system which reflect on inherited cycles of trauma, rupture and repair.

The production is emotionally involving and psychologically layered. The three adult performers (VDT regular collaborators, Robert Clark, Aurora Lubos and Janusz Orlik) adopt diverse roles as care-givers, victims and abusers, reflecting the way adults pass through the lives of children within the care system. The stories of the children meanwhile, delivered in part via recorded testimonies and in part by the performances of 11 year old Tia and 13 year old Kye, are fragmented and contradictory, dominated as they are by the strong adult presence on stage, as in real life. A realistic doll baby, picked up, soothed, then put down and discarded on the floor is the eerily still centre of a frenetic performance – at once nurtured and neglected in a cycle of rupture and repair.

With text written by Wendy Houstoun and music composed by Jules Maxwell, In Loco Parentis combines spoken word with movement and strong visual imagery to illuminate the children’s inner worlds and pinpoint their extraordinary resilience.

STDMA is also currently marketing Vincent Dance Theatre‘s series of films of the company’s staged works which play across multiple screens in ‘staged environments’ in adaptable spaces.  Visually stunning, politically provocative, and with social engagement embedded, these film installations of Virgin Territory, Shut Down and Art of Attachment extend Vincent’s audience reach and shift perceptions of the work.

“Charlotte Vincent’ …. transmits powerful messages and poses challenging questions” DanceTabs

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