Under Tony Adigun, Avant Garde Dance Company is at the forefront of London’s vibrant hip hop/contemporary dance scene. Adigun has a unique dance vocabulary and a razor-sharp eye for dance composition, musicality, and form. His mantra “Innovate Never Replicate” courses through Avant Garde’s work.

Building on the international success of Fagin’s Twist, Avant Garde‘s lastest production Illegal Dance zeros in on a future where oppressive regimes around the world forbid artistic expression. It combines dynamic contemporary choreography with innovative technical stagecraft to portray the tensions of a society that pits order against chaos, security against freedom, and individualism against collective will, delving deeper than ever into Adigun’s long standing interests – relationships, power, control and freedom.

Illegal Dance comes to life in various iterations, each providing a unique audience experience whilst drawing upon elements of one expansive storyline. This approach means audiences can enjoy the story presented in small and large venues, both indoors and outdoors, digital and live. Each manifestation reveals different parts of the storyline and approaches the characters and narrative from a different angle, meaning audiences unravel a new perspective of the story with each iteration they experience. This approach also allows the piece to adapt to presenter needs and venue size and setup and creates an opportunity to build a loyal audience over time.

Upcoming performances:

20 January             Walsall Arena Illegal Dance Immersive Experience

Trailers: Scrum (ID outdoors)  Rule of Seven (ID film)

Promoters packs: Illegal Dance overview   Scrum