Best known in the UK for her productions for Rambert, Northern Ballet and Birmingham Royal Ballet, international dance artist Didy Veldman launched her own company Umanoove in 2016.  Umanoove became Humanoove in 2020.   The Happiness Project in 2016/17 (reprised last summer for Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival) and The Knot in 2018 have both toured widely in the UK and internationally.

Didy’s new company work @Home will premiere in September 2021 prior to a UK tour.  @Home looks at feelings around identity, relationships and social tension.  With an interactive set by design collaborator Joana Dias, Humanoove’s dancers fluidly move to create the sense of different rooms, zones and places in a home.  A staged version with the audience seated is offered alongside an alternative site-specific version with the audience promenading.

Upcoming tour dates:

27 Oct             House Plymouth University
4 Nov              Brighton Posh Club
9 Nov              South Hill Park Arts Centre Bracknell
12 Nov            St Leonards Posh Club
17 Nov            Stanley and Audrey Burton Theatre Leeds
19 Nov            DanceEast Ipswich
24 Nov           Hackney Posh Club

Promoters pack for @Home

Trailers: @Home The Happiness Project   The Knot