“Irons’ energy is undeniable and her testimony heartbreaking, in a piece that reminds us that frontier women are everywhere” The Stage

Yukon Territory in Northern Canada holds the record for North America’s coldest temperature ever (-63 degrees Celsius). It’s where there are more caribou than people, tossing chainsaws is classed as entertainment and barbequed squirrel counts as food ….

But it’s not all sophisticated fun. The Yukon is also a genuinely challenging place to live, where many people die tragically young as a result of accidents, substance abuse and harsh Arctic winters. It’s where Jennifer Irons was born and raised and dreamed of leaving.

Yukon Ho! (Tall Tales of Growing Up in the Great White North) is Jennifer’s one woman show about growing up in a tough, isolated mining town where she began her performing career dancing the Can-Can in return for hard liquor and poker chips. It’s a dark, fearless, original, bizarre and very funny cabaret. Expect to laugh out loud, quaff very questionable cocktails and learn how to be Bear Aware. Oh, and watch the Can-Can.

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