Under the Artistic Direction of Oliva Quayle and Jan Patzke, Joli Vyann presents an innovative fusion of daring acrobatics and beautifully articulated, communicative dance, drawing in audiences through stories which fire the imagination. The work is athletic, technical, exciting, emotive and relevant.

Joli Vyann is touring two works in outdoor settings in 2023.  It’s latest production TimeLess is a daredevil yet sensitive representation of the ambiguous nature of time and the threat to humanity posed by climate change. Performing inside and around a 7m high rotating hourglass, the four performers explore the fragile relationship between civilisation and nature, and the precarious balance that could at any point tip into chaos.

Also available on request is the company’s signature duet Lançe moi en l’air, an exciting mix of dance and partner acrobatics, about the connection between two people.

Upcoming tour dates:

27 May            The Future Starts Here Grimsby TimeLess
8 & 9 July       
Mouth of the Tyne Festival Tynemouth TimeLess
25 & 26 Aug   
Big Feast Stoke on Trent TimeLess

More dates to be confirmed.  Please check back for details.

Promoters’ packs: TimeLess Lançe Moi en l’Air

Trailers: TimeLess    Lançe moi en l’air