Under the direction of performer/designer Eleni Edipidi, Levantes Dance Theatre creates theatrical contemporary circus which is inclusive and visually strong.

The company’s latest touring project is Run Rabbit Run, a mid-scale production available from Autumn 2023 which brings together physical theatre, quirky characterisation, vibrant aesthetics and aerial choreography.  The darkly humourous storyline reveals family secrets, some familiar, some mysterious, nailing some home truths as dinner is served.  The professional cast of six multi-disciplined performers will be joined by a group of over 60s from the local community.  Music is by Manchester’s finest folk-hop band Honeyfeet and costumes are by Abby Grewcock.   

Other touring projects by Levantes include Canapé Art, an artistic series in different settings built around the concept of identically dressed performers.  The latest piece featuring the Canapé Art twins, High Tea (With A Twist), is a small scale aerial work on top of a tea table.

Trailers:  Run Rabbit Run High Tea (With A Twist)  Canapé Art (other formats)

Packs to download: Run Rabbit Run High Tea (With A Twist) Canape Art walkabout