Under the artistic direction of John Darvell, NOCTURN creates contemporary dance narratives and explores social issues through the application of digital technologies.  

The company’s latest work The Riddle employs QR technology to reveal clues for audience participants to follow on a bespoke outdoor dance trail.  

Using their smartphones, audience participants follow a map to hunt down QR codes on posters on the trail.  Each QR code reveals a specific clue which, when solved, is rewarded with a short film and a set of instructions to create a section of movement.  The Riddle’s central character in the films is Pæn, a mythical figure in the landscape, inviting audiences to re-engage with their outdoor environment, solve problems and have fun with a dance routine. 

Great for couples and small groups, The Riddle offers a shared experience for participants which is interactive and decidedly different, typically appealing to people who want to try a new activity with family or friends.  The emphasis is on having fun, with participants enjoying The Riddle at their own pace and according to their particular interests and abilities.  No previous experience of dance is required

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