Rendez-Vous Dance is a choreographer-led company whose projects tell the past and present stories of LGBTQIA+ communities.  A former dancer with National Dance Company of Wales, Artistic Director Mathieu Geffré had a 15-year career as a performer with some of the most celebrated choreographers in the world (including Itzik Galili, Christopher Bruce, Didy Veldman, Angelin Preljocaj,  Johann Inger). His work is intricately physical, classically infused and dramatically communicative.

The tone of Rendez-Vous Dance’s first full length work What Songs May Do … is unashamedly romantic in its exploration of diversity.  Performing to the evocative songs of Nina Simone, two dancers expose the fractured relationship of a once loving couple as they delve into their past together.  Poetic and passionate, the work shines a light on our deep rooted connection to memory through music and suggests the power of what songs may do.  What Songs May Do … is touring in autumn 2022.

What Songs May Do … promoters pack

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Photo by Luke Waddington