Nina Rajarani is an award-winning choreographer of classical Indian dance with 30 years’ experience as a dance-maker.  She fuels traditions of Bharatanatyam and Kathak with a love of storytelling and a firm desire to reflect contemporary life in her productions. With her performing company Srishti – Nina Rajarani Dance Creations, she is equally at home working with readable western characters and traditional archetypes, and cleverly weaves sophisticated forms of dance with recognisable narratives and themes.  A unique trait of Nina’s work is how Srishti musicians and dancers are choreographed together so that they are all characters in the story.  This strikes a collective chord within the ensemble and further transforms the audience experience.

Srishti’s outdoor work Jham! (pictured) is an upbeat and energetic musical collaboration between dancers and musicians that uses creative improvisation – or “jamming” – to initiate a rhythmic interplay between classical and modern forms of music and dance.  Jham! has a distinctly relaxed, contemporary feel, with four musicians – including a beatboxer, a saxophonist and a traditional Karnatik vocalist – performing alongside four Kathak and Bharatanatyam dancers.  Srishti’s new outdoor piece Bells, Beats and Banter premieres in Worthing on 29 July.

Also launching in 2023, Pathways, Srishti‘s apprentice company showing new talent in the South Asian dance sector will be available to book from autumn on.

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