Stuart Waters is a queer, neuro-diverse dance artist with a twenty year career as a performer and maker.  He draws on his intersectional identity to create powerful, inclusive audience experiences that are underpinned by a therapeutic approach.  His autobiographical solo Rockbottom (2019) approached a taboo subject (Chemsex) with honesty and integrity, leavening a difficult theme with humour and warmth, and providing a reflective tool for everyone concerned with mental well-being.

Following Rockbottom Stuart is creating a new duet to perform with actor and audio-describer Willie Elliott, co-directed with New Art Club’s Tom Roden, and with music composed by Andy Pink.

A Queer Collision is a funny and poignant mash-up of private and historical queer stories, which take us on a journey through tales of mischief and misadventure using dance, spoken word and comedy. Uniquely, audio description has been embedded into the creative process to create an experience that is resonant and accessible for those with and without visual impairment.

A Queer Collision has been the subject of extensive research since Choreodrome 2020; is being created in 2022/23 and will premiere in May 2023.

Upcoming tour dates:

19 & 20 May      Brighton Festival


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