Victoria Fox Markiewicz’s TRIBE// provides a highly watchable and visceral dance experience which matches an equality agenda to a fearless physicality. 

Victoria’s new theatre piece No Sudden Moves zeros in on our need to rebuild and reconnect in a constantly changing world full of different distractions, a recurring interest for her as a neurodivergent artist.   No Sudden Moves peels back the layers to find what really matters, searching for the shared humanity, vulnerabilities and connections which provide cohesion.   The work is danced with full-bodied apower by a diverse cast of four dancers.  Together, they articulate the work’s emotive dance language with tenderness, held aloft by a rich electronic cinematic soundscape, as they are drawn together to restore and regenerate.  

TRIBE //’s new outdoor work for four female dancers simmers with tension and emotional force.  Rise is defiantly performed with a gutsy power, the dancers drawing the audience in to a fearless kinetic world of unity and hope, driven by a soundtrack of restless beats.

Upcoming tour dates for No Sudden Moves:

5 March           AMATA, University of Falmouth
10 March         
Edge Hill Arts Centre Ormkirk
18 March         
Posh Club St Leonards (extract only)

R&D trailers for Rise  No Sudden Moves 

Promoters packs:  Rise  No Sudden Moves