Company Chameleon is premiering its outdoor piece Hands Down at the Greenwich & Docklands International Festival 26 June.

Following on from Search & Find (2009) and Push (2012), Hands Down is the concluding piece in Chameleon’s trilogy of outdoor duets exploring the hierarchy and boundaries of masculinity.  With the classic Chameleon movement signature based in contemporary dance and acrobatics, this highly physical yet sensitive dance work strips back the layers to reveal how we display our strength and manage vulnerability.

Hands Down has been created by Chameleon’s co-Artistic Director Anthony Missen.  He performs with Riccardo Meneghini (Scottish Dance Theatre, Russel Maliphant, CCN Robuaix, Balletto Teatro Torino).  The piece is commissioned by Greenwich & Docklands International Festival and Dance Manchester and is available for touring in 2015.

Hands Down 1square - Brian Slater
Photo by Brian Slater

Hands Down is performed at Cabot Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 4QW on 26 June (12pm & 1.30pm) and 28 June (1.30pm and 3.35pm).

Check the GDIF website for details.  Download the promoters’ pack.