This year, to celebrate 15 years’ in the business, Luca Silvestrini’s Protein is putting video recordings of all of its touring productions on youtube.

The process began a few weeks’ ago when the company uploaded its inaugural duet Duel which Luca Silvestrini made and performed with co-founder of Protein Bettina Strickler in 1998.  A bi-lingual duet between an Italian man and a German-speaking Swiss woman, Duel plays out like a surreal sitcom in which the courting pair mark out their territory.

The company has recently uploaded The Last Sleep, a little known duet between Silvestrini and Strickler from 1998 in which the life of a couple slips into bizarre rituals about life and death.

Next up is Portrait with Group and Duck, the piece by which Protein‘s journey into the hearts of the British dance public really began.  Can’t wait!