WIRE-FRAME is a unique project from Retina Dance Company conceived to give dance students an insight into the art of choreography as revealed in Artistic Director Filip Van Huffel’s own approach.

Running just 60 minutes, it consists of a 20 minute performance (see below) by Retina’s dancers, followed by a 20 minute question and answer session led by Filip; then the audience themselves devise and structure a new piece of dance on the professional team under Filip’s direction.  The aim is to provide an introduction both to the art of choreography and to Filip Van Hufel’s own practice, providing the viewer with insight into choreographic structures, helpful devices to create dynamic pieces of their own and analytical tools to watch and understand contemporary dance.  The exhibition is aimed at people with and without existing understanding of choreography, so is suitable for dance students with different experiences of the artform, as well as non-dancers.

Revealing and informative, John Ashford (former Director of The Place Theatre and Artist Development) has praised Van Huffel’s choreographic exhibitions for providing a practical, no-nonsense guide to choreographic process and practice in a discreet, transparent package.

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