Based on the random track selection of an iPod Shuffle and emulating the call and response relationship between the club dance floor and the DJ, Shuffle invites the audience to vote for sections of performance to shuffle or rewind. Three dancers perform hip hop and street dance forms to a dance floor soundtrack, embodying the skill and thrill of a battle improv. under the direction of renowned choreographer, Lea Anderson (The Cholmondeleys & The Featherstonehaughs).   With a repertoire of house dance, popping, waacking, vogue and contemporary, they take the audience on a time-bending trip through a night out, presenting moments whose order and length are selected by the audience. 

At given points, the music and action in Shuffle pauses, audience members vote.  The exact voting procedure is being developed, with favoured methods being non-digital.   Designed to be accessible and immediate, there’s no need to download apps.   Just be ready to play along and trust the DJ.


Shuffle Promoters Pack