If you are fresh to tour booking, or thinking of developing your circuit, you may be interested in Touring Tips, a tour booking consultancy which STDMA is offering.

Available to dance artists and managers of all artistic persuasions and at all stages of development, Touring Tips draws on twenty years’ practical experience to provide a jargon-free, friendly approach to de-mystifying the tour booking  process.

“Working with Sarah has enabled me to create marketing material in a more eloquent way. Her coaching has landed the company some performance dates already. I highly recommend artists at any stage in their career to work with Sarah- she has the gift to make you reflect on your objectives and to re(de)fine your work.” Etta Ermini

“Having the opportunity to benefit from tour booking consultations with Sarah Trist from STDMA has been immensely helpful to me in focusing and clarifying my strategy for moving my work forward to the next stage.  She has been approachable, honest and clear about my strengths and areas where I need to up my game.  She is really helping my to understand the process of identifying and engaging with venue programmers and understanding workable strategies for putting together a successful campaign.  Absolutely excellent, I highly recommend her to other directors and managers looking to develop their tour booking portfolio”  Temujin Gill

“It really was a great, great help – and oddly fun!”  Sally Marie

Touring Tips helps with:

  • Constructing a realistic marketing plan
  • Developing a confident sales pitch
  • Creating an impact with promotional material
  • Being proficient in follow up, negotiation and contracts
  • Making the most of your opportunities and existing contacts
  • Getting up to date information on who is booking dance

Clients can choose to buy the service as a one-off consultation, as regular monthly coaching sessions, or as help as and when it’s required.  Either way, you receive up to date information on who is booking dance and the best ways to approach them.

Please email sarah@stdma.com for a commitment-free discussion about your tour booking needs to find out if Touring Tips would suit you.