Associate Artist with Avant Garde Dance, Dani Harris-Walters is a performer, choreographer, director and innovator immersed in hip-hop culture and theatre. He loves to experiment, reform and restructure movement from many dance styles to create a unique and distinctive dance language.

Dani has created a double bill of reflective, humorous dance theatre, Nanny! and Happy Father’s Day which will tour in 2024.  Nanny! is a theatrical portrait of the Jamaican national heroine Nanny who, according to legend, led a community of formerly enslaved Africans called the Windward Maroons in a guerrilla war against British authorities in the Colony of Jamaica in the early 1700s. Through a fusion of African, Caribbean & hip-hop movement, the piece imagines Nanny and her three brothers as they encounter other runaway slaves, and reveals the conflict that divides the family.

Completing the programme, Happy Father’s Day is a heart-stirring, funny coming-of-age piece which provides the unconventional puberty lesson you’ll wish you’d had at school. With spot-on comedic timing, Dani uses movement, rap, animation and spoken word to focus on sexual coupling from an unexpected point of view.