Sophie Nüzel is a German choreographer and dance maker, based in the UK, who specialises in creating pieces and happenings for young children and their families. Her previous productions The Little Witch and The Adventures of the Little Ghost are full of atmosphere and magic.

Stories of a Watersprite is Sophie Nüzel‘s latest theatre production for young audiences aged 4+.  Evocative, playful and sensitive, it uses dance, storytelling and puppetry to explore the world of this mythical figure, inspiring children’s curiosity to learn about their environment and use their imagination to experience performance through all their senses.   Stories of a Watersprite is touring in Autumn 2024.

Set amongst trees and woods, LOOK UP LOOK OUT is Sophie Nüzel‘s immersive woodland performance for children and their families. Squirrel, Fox, Deer and Owl invite audiences into their home to visit the kitchen, have a snooze in the bedroom, watch TV in the living room or simply lounge and listen to the chattering trees wherever you see cushions laid out. Everyone is welcome to wander and explore; it is up to the audience to choose their own pathways and experiences. Through dance, aerial, storytelling and song, the performers bring the woodland alive and relay fun facts about trees and the importance of woodlands & forests.  LOOK UP LOOK OUT is available from May 2025

Trailers:  Stories of a Watersprite  LOOK UP LOOK OUT