One of the most distinctive voices in British dance, Luca Silvestrini’s Protein brings audiences closer through storytelling, location and relatable performers, breaking down barriers between watching and taking part.

The Little Prince is Luca Silvestrini’s award-winning family show based on the world-famous French novella by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Suitable for young and old, this enchanting and enlightened account of a young boy’s fascinating journey through the exasperating world of grown-ups is perfect territory for Silvestrini’s quirky, humour-filled observations on the human condition. Faith Prendergast is touchingly excellent in the title role, dancing from planet to planet on Yann Seabra’s ingenious set with fleet-footed ease, meeting a king who reigns over nothing, a businessman obsessively counting stars and a vain man craving admiration from all who pass by. With Protein’s trademark mix of dance, spoken word, music and fun, and a multi-talented cast, audiences are encouraged to reimagine the world through their hearts, embracing a sense of grounded universality, and reconnecting with the child that’s in all of us.  Touring December 2024.

Trailers:    The Little Prince

Upcoming tour dates for The Little Prince

13-15 December   DanceEast Ipswich
17-24 Dec       
      The Place London