One of the most distinctive voices in British dance, Luca Silvestrini’s Protein brings audiences closer through storytelling, location and relatable performers, breaking down barriers between watching and taking part.

With specially composed music by celebrated composer Orlando Gough, May Contain Food May Contain You is a self-contained piece of immersive dance theatre which blends original choreography with social commentary and spoken word. Your local venue is transformed, restaurant-style, for a highly entertaining experience watching, savoring and digesting the unfolding performance. Audiences help the cast of three bake a scrumptious sticky ginger pudding whilst sharing their own sentimental dishes that they have made, grown or bought along. As the heady scent of spice fills the air, Protein’s charming hosts orchestrate a raffle during the interval and guests sample tasty delicacies over the course of the appetizing evening. Specially adapted for rural touring venues and alternative spaces, May Contain Food May Contain You is a captivating night out and an unforgettable reflection on our curious relationship with food.

May Contain Food May Contain You is touring February-April 2024.