Holly Thomas is a visually impaired dance artist, choreographer and performer whose practice explores the uncharted territory of dance, audio description and visual impairment.  Holly (pictured above, centre) has performed with Touchdown Dance and is a regular collaborator with artists as an Audio Description advisor and critical friend, including Second Hand Dance, Stuart Waters and Lost Dog Dance.

Performed in dusky light in the round, Holly’s production of Half Light blends choreography and text with a multi-textured, multi-located sound design to create an inclusive experience for blind, visually impaired and sighted audiences.  The cast of four visually impaired and sighted performers explore the passing of time from day to night and back to sunrise, evoking an experience of twilight as a shifting sensory landscape where memory and time are ambiguous.  The production pushes the boundaries of dance, radically reimaging the artform where the visual element is decentred.

Video trailer