Established fifteen years, DancingStrong Movement Lab creates multi-cultural community-based and arts-in-education projects and performances for young audiences. Directors Adesola Akinleye and Helen Kindred promote body positivity amongst audiences and encourage workshop participants to feel confident expressing their stories and experiences through movement. The work plays with traditional and non-traditional dance forms, with a particular interest in site-specific choreography, installation-based work and audience interaction using new technology and visual narrative.

DancingStrong‘s interactive performance installation SPLASH! uses dance and painted and projected artworks to explore our relationship with water. Beginning in an imaginary cool stream where rain falls gently, audiences are led by three dancers through a vibrant city river into the expanse of the ocean. As they follow the river’s journey, the audience actively participate in the movement whilst they learn how water shapes the landscape. SPLASH! is evocative, playful and educational, with each scene defined dramatically and choreographically. SPLASH! is touring this autumn.