Emilyn Claid is a queer performer in her eighth decade, with a career as a choreographer, writer, director and teacher stretching back to the 1960s.

In emilyn claid, UNTITLED, her first solo work in 20 years, Claid welcomes the fears of endings, teasing with what it means to bow out, the irony of living in an old body and what’s real and what’s imagined. Combining movement and theatre, staged choreography, and playful, improvised interactions, Emilyn faces queering and ageing with dark humour, undercut with moments of pathos. As she transforms between hunter and creature, therapist and diva, cruising and crumbling, a collage of personal stories and self-directed choreography emerges, interwoven with devised material created collaboratively with Heidi Rustgaard, Florence Peake and Joseph Mercier.


Upcoming tour dates:

21 June       Déda Derby 
5 Sept.       
The Mill Arts Centre Banbury