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Project Description


Under the direction of performer/designer Eleni Edipidi, Levantes Dance Theatre creates theatrical work which is inclusive and visually strong.  Current touring projects include THE BAND with theatre and outdoor versions which use aerial acrobatics, dance and vibrant aesthetics to explore the intense on and off-stage relationship between two has-been performers.  Also on tour is the popular festival walkabout edition of Levantes’ Canapé Art series (pictured), a fun, fantastical and edible way for audiences to mingle with artists at indoor and outdoor events.

Upcoming tour dates:

15 July                    Akropoditi Festival Syros island, Greece THE BAND
22-28 July        
      Eltham Festival London Canapé Art
27 July                   
Deer Shed Festival Thirsk Canapé Art
25 Oct                    
Salford University THE BAND
23 Nov                   
enableus Sheffield THE BAND

Packs to download:   THE BAND (indoors)  THE BAND (outdoors)  Canapé Art

Videos: THE BAND (indoors)   THE BAND (outdoors)  Canapé Art (including other formats)